Beginner resources

Absolute Beginner Series

We have developed a four part introductory series. These are specifically designed for seniors who are at the beginning of their journey using computers and the Internet.

GCF LearnFree

There are many different free learning resources available through GCF.

Tech Savvy Seniors

Here are Tech Savvy Seniors guides which provide guided lesson plans for various aspects of technology.



VICNET guides

These Easy English guides were developed in 2011 but they are still useful and get easily be updated as they have a Creative Commons licence. Provided below are both pdf and .doc versions of these workbooks. The .doc version is useful so you can update the material; however, be warned these files are quite large.

Beginner guides in different languages

Tech Savvy Seniors Guides in English, Arabic, Croatian, Dari, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese.