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BFS Webinar: Presenting Professionally online

July 29, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Spelling – and grammar – DO still matter. Here’s why.
Misspelling or poor grammar is a problem, especially when most if not all programs include spelling and/or grammar checkers.
For the reader these really cause problems, making them stop to try and work out what the relevant word is supposed to be. Sometimes it can makes them laugh or groan inappropriately, as the word has a totally different meaning. Above all, it impedes the transmission of the meaning of what’s written, and can even cause the reader to give up entirely!
Whether you are blogging, running a website, or applying for a job, a misspelt, grammatically incorrect or poorly punctuated document lets the content down. In this webinar, Rasa Dunlop will as briefly and entertainingly as possible deal with the most common – and easily fixed – errors people make in their grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Our presenter

Our presenter is Rasa Dunlop. Rasa is the Tasmanian Networker for Broadband for Seniors, and has been an Apple fan from the very beginning. Her iPhone currently groans under the load of Apps installed, but she uses some of them every day. Others only get consulted periodically but they are kept because when they are needed, they are there and fantastically useful.

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