Internet banking available now

The Broadband for Seniors online tutorial on Internet banking is now available. This simulated learning experience will allow seniors to experience how to use Internet banking in a safe environment and without needing to set up or give out personal details, login, personal identity numbers (PINs) and passwords.

Check it out now.

Top tips for banking online

  • Never divulge your password, […]
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Online tutorials for seniors

Smiling lady searching for recipes on the internet.

Did you know that this website includes interactive online training modules designed specifically for seniors to help them to develop their technology skills? These online modules are entirely browser based, which means you don’t need additional plugins or anything like that to […]

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Tutors that love to teach

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The Gladstone Central Committee On the Ageing (GCCOTA) kiosk is located in a very busy Senior Citizens Centre in sunny Gladstone Queensland – part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. As well as their Broadband for Seniors activities, GCCOTA offers much more for seniors including a […]

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