Two women at a computer

The Gladstone Central Committee On the Ageing (GCCOTA) kiosk is located in a very busy Senior Citizens Centre in sunny Gladstone Queensland – part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. As well as their Broadband for Seniors activities, GCCOTA offers much more for seniors including a drop-in centre, aerobics, old time dancing, card groups, painting classes and snooker.

There are three experienced tutors at the kiosk – Helen Delorie, Sandra Hill (pictured) and Tony Zussino – who offer lessons on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. And there’s a waiting list. Sandra is a retired teacher who still loves teaching. She bought her first computer back in 1982. Helen, on the other hand, took herself off to TAFE in her 50s to learn about them. She understands people who still find them all a bit confounding. As tutors their skills complement each other.

The tutors offer combined lessons for married couples or partners. Sometimes this is a charmed way to work – other times World War III has broken out by the half way mark and separate lessons are requested.

All three tutors happily tailor their learning program for individuals and spend a lot of time organising all the lessons and communicate regularly with their host contact – Karen Harth. It was great spending some time with such an organised group.