Kevin understands that the world has changed quite a bit from when he was younger, but he also knows how important it is to try to keep up with the pace of change – learning about the Internet is part of this.

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Lesley is bright eyed and keen to learn as much as she can about technology. Sadly Lesley’s husband died when she was a young woman and, as a war widow, she attends the BFS kiosk at Melbourne Legacy.

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Jack is part of the DreamWeaving program at Garden Village’s BFS kiosk. DreamWeaving is a fun activity that is all about building close relationships with seniors by helping them achieve their goals.

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Katherine has lived in Gympie in Queensland for a while now but she originally hails from Singapore. The BFS kiosk at Gympie and District Gold Rush Festival Inc. has given her the opportunity to learn something new.

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